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More internet Faster Stability

Freedom Networks is a constantly evolving wireless technology.

Stay connected at all times

Reliable and uninterrupted connection

We offer a stable service with unlimited consumption plans and you receive the speed you hire #AlwaysON #AlwaysON

Wireless Technology

We are constantly evolving wireless technology. We do not skimp on the investment of our equipment with the support of our technology partners, including Cambium Network, Mikrotik, and others.

Fast installation

Our technicians are available to install within a maximum of 48 hours so you don’t have wait.

Solar power energy backup

We have electrical backup with power generators and solar panels in our towers, always prepared for the hurricane season on our island.

High speed internet and phone service, for your home or business.

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Internet with top-notch customer service

Our customer support team is always available at our office during regular business hours and through our Facebook Messenger 24/7. We are always at your service.
Smiling man sitting on a sofa while using a laptop
Smiling man sitting on a sofa while using a laptop
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Enjoy your content in 4K HD. It is the new standard in 2023, at least for us.

Disfruta de tus contenidos a la mejor resolución disponible desde el 2022, sin caídas ni esperas molestas. ¡Freedom Networks lo hace posible!


We are more than internet, WE ARE TECHNOLOGY

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